2018-2018 Wish List

Below is a list of items needed this year. Please donate all or even part of the amount to help sponsor these items. If you would like to donate, please click on the donate button at the bottom of this page. When you are on the PayPal page, write a note indicating what you are funding in the “notes to the seller box.”
You can also send a check to Parent Connect Foundation.
Mail to:
Parent Connect Foundation
C/O San Diego High School
1405 Park Blvd.
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Teacher Wish List Funding Form
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Foreign Language

$200 - Office Depot poster printing

$400 - Head phones with mics

$41 - Supplemental Text Books
Español para extranjeros: ejercicios de gramática española (Spanish Edition)
Ejercicios para practicar la gramatica/ Grammar Practice Exercises (Espanol Lengua Extranjera/ Spanish Foreign Language) (SpanishEdition)

$300 - Books and/or Kindle books
The Reader (Der Vorleser) DVD German edition x 7; $5 each
Tschick (German edition) Kindle book x 12; $12 each
Lila Lila (German edition) Kindle book x 10; $7 each
Lextra Leise Kommt der Tad Kindle book x 7 $6 each

Physical Education

$300 - PE Equipment


$61 - Crayola Markers for Classroom Projects

$5000 - Training on IB English Curriculum Updates

$12,500 - SpringBoard Summer Symposium Registration (5 English teachers $2500 each)

$1,675 - 155 copies of Zadie Smith's White Teeth


$3440 - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting and Expo Registration (8 IS/IB mathematics teachers $430 each)
$5900 - IB Math Analysis Training for Ms. Alcantar and Ms. Raeiwski

History/Social Science

$500 - Supplemental Text Books
TOK 3rd ed. - $47
TOK for IB diploma: skills for success digital ed, Kindle ed. - $11
TOK for IB Diploma 2nd ed. - $43
TOK Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Prg. Course Book 2nd ed. - $50
TOK Skills & Practice - $36
Oxford IB Diploma Prg. 1st ed. - $50
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - $15
Numbered classroom organizer pocket chart for cell phones - $20
Merrell's Strong Teens - grades 9-12: A Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum, 2nd ed. x 3; $35 each
Mindset poster x2 $20 each


$2000 - CMEA Festival Entrance Fee and Music supplies ranging from $10 to $50 each
Reeds - 1 a month per student 5 clarinet boxes of rico 2.5
5 clarinet boxes of la voz medium 5 alto sax boxes of rico 2.5
4 alto sax boxes of la voz medium 1 tenor sax box of la voz medium 1 tenor sax box of rico 2.5
1 bari sax box of la voz medium 1 bass clarinet box of la voz
Essential elements books - new class set $6 - $16 each
Clarinet swabs
Flute cleaning cloths Trombone slide oil Valve Oil


$5000 - Field Trip: Southern California college trip 4/15-19/19. Includes transportation, rooms, food/snacks, incidentals.

Special Education

$500 - Various Supplies
Calculators x 24; $10 each
Whiteboards x 24; $44
Graphing paper; $100
Rulers; $16
Mechanical pencils; $12
Ink cartridges for printers $100


$250 - Canvases, canvas paper in assorted sizes
$260 - Mat board for mounting AP portfolio pieces for show and final portfolio
$300 - Paint- acrylic paint tube sets or containers for liquid paint (so students don't have to carry paint around on styrofoam plates in plastic bags) as well as larger classroom bottles of paint
$380 - Drawing materials - charcoal pencils/erasers/sharpeners, pastel pencils, Pitt pens, oil pastel sets
$120 - Charcoal and pastel paper
$140 - Watercolor replacement colors for sets and replacement brushes
$300 - Portfolios for transporting artworks in progress
$360 - Class set of drawing boards (so drawing classes don't have to draw on old ceramics bats)

2017-2018 Funded Wish List

Jennifer Oaks                  
$15 Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA
$15 Directorate S: The CIA and America’s Secret Wars
$15 Theory of Knowledge: Classical and Contemporary      
$10 UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed
$15 The Magic of Math: Solving for X
$45 Theory of Knowledge– Third Edition
$25 Theory of Knowledge–Diploma: Skills for Success
Jano Seeler                     
$16 Das Rad German Magazine (German 1)
$32 Schuss German Magazine (German 2/3)
$15 Der Vorleser 6th Edition (German)
Elias Kocivar Nathan      
$15 Super Sensitive Dark Violin Rosin
$22 La Vos Bb Clarinet Reeds Md Strength 10 pack 
$10 YMC Full Size 4/4 Cello Bridge
$40 Players Products–Big Softie Violin Shoulder Pad
$50 D’Addario Prelude Cello String Md Tension
$10 The Original Peg Drops  
$38 La Voz Tenor Sax Reeds Md Strength
$45 La Voz Baritone Sax Reeds Md Strength 
Dr. Robertson                 
$12 Amir Digital Scale 
Eric Burtson                   
$120 Preeyawadee Laser Pointer—Green
Anne Armstrong           
$42 All American Boys 
$220 The Hate U Give
Dr. Rico Darice              
$75 36 x 48 Project Display Board  
Tim Towler
$48 Rats for Dissection
Deron Ambler
$20 Football
$40 Volley Ball 
$50 Soccer Ball
$24 Badmitton Birdies 
$210 PE Equipment 
$235 General Donation
Jianfeng Guo
$15 Crayola Crayon Box
$190 Standing Desktop  

Total $1,734