2017-2018 Funded Wish List

Jennifer Oaks                  
$15 Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA
$15 Directorate S: The CIA and America’s Secret Wars
$15 Theory of Knowledge: Classical and Contemporary      
$10 UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed
$15 The Magic of Math: Solving for X
$45 Theory of Knowledge– Third Edition
$25 Theory of Knowledge–Diploma: Skills for Success
Jano Seeler                     
$16 Das Rad German Magazine (German 1)
$32 Schuss German Magazine (German 2/3)
$15 Der Vorleser 6th Edition (German)
Elias Kocivar Nathan      
$15 Super Sensitive Dark Violin Rosin
$22 La Vos Bb Clarinet Reeds Md Strength 10 pack 
$10 YMC Full Size 4/4 Cello Bridge
$40 Players Products–Big Softie Violin Shoulder Pad
$50 D’Addario Prelude Cello String Md Tension
$10 The Original Peg Drops  
$38 La Voz Tenor Sax Reeds Md Strength
$45 La Voz Baritone Sax Reeds Md Strength 
Dr. Robertson                 
$12 Amir Digital Scale 
Eric Burtson                   
$120 Preeyawadee Laser Pointer—Green
Anne Armstrong           
$42 All American Boys 
$220 The Hate U Give
Dr. Rico Darice              
$75 36 x 48 Project Display Board  
Tim Towler
$48 Rats for Dissection
Deron Ambler
$20 Football
$40 Volley Ball 
$50 Soccer Ball
$24 Badmitton Birdies 
$210 PE Equipment 
$235 General Donation
Jianfeng Guo
$15 Crayola Crayon Box
$190 Standing Desktop  

Total $1,734